The Divine Femme Program

Reclaim your divine pleasure, play, and power

  • 10 weeks, 80 minute sessions, 1:1 virtual coaching
  • Customized weekly action steps to meet your goals around sex, love, and relationships
  • Meditations that correspond to each module
  • Mid-week check-ins


When you get into right alignment with your sexual core through implementing the 5 tantric based practices of breath, sound, movement, energy, and mindfulness, you unlock a powerful energy—your sensual energy. When we learn to generate sensual energy (aka pleasure) in our bodies we make pain easier to tolerate. We can also feel it more deeply because we can generate pleasure as an exit strategy when the pain gets too much to bear. In this way, pleasure alchemizes pain and makes room for even more pleasure to take its rightful place.

This 10-week, 1:1 virtual coaching program is  designed to heal your sacred sexual core, empower the passionate lover within, and manifest your highest self.

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Invite change into your life.

Are you ready to unlock your divine feminine and awaken your best self?

I designed systematic modules and weekly self-practices to awaken your sexual core, expand your unique potential and elevate your lifestyle. As you work through the modules, you will obtain applicable exercises to practice at home in the areas of meditations, breathwork, self-pleasure, imagery, and journaling. I am available via email to check-in with you in-between sessions to assess how your self-practice exercises are progressing and to answer any questions that may have arisen. This course is best completed in 10 consecutive, weekly sessions.

Let me guide you through modules and weekly self-practices

Release unprocessed trauma
Update limiting beliefs
Remove energetic blocks
Increase sexual pleasure
Connect to your intuition
Become magnetically radiant
Fulfill your dreams
Build confidence
Create joy
Increase your authenticity

Through 20+ years as a talk therapist, I have learned that experiential practices have a much stronger impact on personal growth than traditional therapy techniques. Through my experience, I developed the Divine Femme program that utilizes experiential practices to produce genuine change. My systematic curriculum and weekly self-practices enable you to dive deeper than talk therapy allows, pushing you towards confronting your negative patterns and paving the way for a brighter future.

Receive systematic guidance through transformative experiential practices

the divine femme experience

Understand projections, while developing skills in conscious arguing, interpersonal healing, and speaking your truth.

MODULE 10: Creating Vibrant and Healthy Relationships

Learn how to generate control over your thoughts, feelings and behaviors for ultimate thriving.

MODULE 9: Journey into the Self

Create a customized self-pleasure practice for heightened self-love and pleasure with your partner.

MODULE 8: The Power of Intentional Self-Pleasure

Break emotional addictions and begin confronting pain in a more holistic and tolerable manner.

MODULE 7: Finding Emotional Empowerment

Learn to manifest your desires through breathwork and internalize your inherent worth.

MODULE 6: Getting What you Desire

Develop sexual safety and learn to utilize high vibration states

MODULE 5: Creating a Thriving Sexual Ecology

Heal the inner child and develop a lasting sense of belonging and safety.

MODULE 4: Embracing the Inner Child

Heal the father line and empower the inner masculine.

MODULE 3: Liberating the Family Dynamic Part 2

Heal the mother line and empower the inner feminine.

MODULE 2: Liberating the Family Dynamic Part 1

Learn to manifest your deepest desires and identify unconscious resistances.

MODULE 1: Identifying your Deepest Desires and Internal Blocks

6 equal payments of $574


3 equal payments
$1111 every 4 weeks


2 equal payments
$1611 every 5 weeks


save $222


$3333 (Total Cost)

The Investment

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Step into your divine feminine and unleash your sensual power.

Female founder and CEO, global non-profit

I wanted to feel more confident in knowing what was best for me in relationships, and for this confidence to also result in more business success. I remember the moment when I was first able to discern my inner voice - it was so clear! I gained amazing insights into the relationship pattern I was stuck in, and had the tools and support I needed to change it. In the same time period I doubled the size of my business! The confidence I have gained has translated into greater success and happiness in ways I could not have imagined without never ending talk therapy. Kayle uses techniques that I could do on my own, and the meditations reinforced what I was learning. If you are committed to the program and put in the effort, the results are transformational.

I joined the Divine Femme Coaching Series to learn how to connect with my authentic inner voice, and know what next steps to take in my life.

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PRICING: $333 per 80 minute session

In my 20+ years of experience working as a therapist, I have become disenchanted with talk therapy, which relies almost exclusively on the analytical mind to create change that only the body mind is able to achieve. The body is home to our sensory experiences which dictate our thoughts, feelings and actions. Therefore, to create change, interventions need to utilize the body's innate healing resources and wisdom. I developed these experiential sessions to make the expression of suppressed pain a more tolerable and transformative experience, something I was never able to do with talk therapy alone. I am passionate about guiding you towards reclaiming your divine sensuality and unlocking greater empowerment. Don’t get stuck with the status quo; open your life up to new adventures and possibilities, and claim what you deserve.

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