Obtain your deepest desires by harnessing the power of your sensual energy.

Reconnect to your sexual core and reclaim your divine pleasure, play, and power.

If you are ready to access your divine feminine and create the empowered, playful, pleasure-filled life you’ve always wanted. let me be your guide.

When you reconnect to your sexual core, you gain the ability to activate your sensual energy. When activated, sensual energy alchemizes pain into pleasure causing you to feel more grounded, playful, radiant, connected, joyful and confident. You are able to courageously face adversity and show up differently in the world. You are able to stay present in the moment, access your intuition and believe in your ability to manifest your desires. In essence, sensual energy gives you the wisdom and motivation to make choices that are in your highest alignment, which is invaluable when creating the life of your dreams.

Whatever you wish for, sensual energy can take you there. ⁠

Healed, Successful, Confident, Relaxed, Happy...

Have you ever wished you could wave a magic wand and be....⁠

You are connected. You are in control. You are free. ⁠Free to choose the life of pleasure and adventure you’ve always wanted.

You have the power to claim your deepest desires and manifest them into existence. My Divine Femme program is built on modern Tantric exercises and sensual energy activation using the 5 holistic tools: breath, sound, movement, energy and mindfulness. Tantra is about making everything conscious. A deeper awareness of what hinders you from accessing your intuitive power and pleasure will allow you the freedom to choose differently. ⁠Mostly we avoid, suppress, justify, and distract ourselves from things that are painful, which disconnects you from yourself, your pleasure and your power. This is where sensual energy comes in to save you...literally. ⁠⁠Sensual energy alchemizes the pain and turns it into a rich, earthy pleasure that feeds and grounds your soul.

Harness your sensual energy and maximize your intuitive power and pleasure potential 

The Divine Femme Program

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Are you ready to awaken your sensual energy and unleash your inner goddess?

Join me in this transformative journey

The only thing standing between you and your deepest desires is...⁠fear.

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Manifest your dreams using sex magic!

Sex magic pairs a cognitive belief with a pleasurable feeling, forming the neural connections needed to believe you can have what it is you really want! 

During this workshop you will:
  • Identify a core desire and use it to create an intention
  • Learn how to manifest your intention using your 5 senses
  • Learn how to identify and integrate the part of you that is resistant to having your desire
  • Learn how to use your very own sexual energy to turn your desires into reality!


*This workshop is for female identifying bodies only. 

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The Divine Femme Program

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While on this excursion of self-discovery, I had a vision that I was the Divine Feminine; a powerful, wise, compassionate leader of women. Until that moment I felt severely limited in my potential due to chronic self doubt that “I don’t have what it takes.” After being “introduced” to my divine feminine, I set out on a journey of self-discovery through meditation, reiki energy and ancient Tantric practices that led me to an awakening within my sexual core, unlocking more confidence and pleasure than I ever dreamed possible. From this new empowered place, I developed a program to liberate women who also desire to take hold of their untapped pleasure and power.

My mission is to reconnect women to themselves by aligning their sexual core, unleashing their power to impact the world for the better. Reconnect with your sacred sexuality and discard the patriarchal conditioning that holds you back from achieving your maximum potential. The world needs more of the feminine to become more accepting, compassionate, collaborative, reflective and heart-centered; harness your superpower and reclaim your unique femininity to elevate your life.

I developed the Divine Femme program after sitting through a sacred plant ceremony in the jungle of Costa Rica with the intent of “rediscovering my original essence.”

My name is Kayle Koepke, LMHC, Founder and Owner of the Sensual Alchemist and Creator of The Divine Femme Program

“My mission is to help all women reclaim their divine pleasure, play and power through learning how to activate and harness their very own sensual energy.”

“I wanted to feel more confident in knowing what was best for me in relationships, and for this confidence to also result in more business success. I remember the moment when I was first able to discern my inner voice–it was so clear! I gained amazing insights into the relationship pattern I was stuck in, and had the tools and support I needed to change it. In the same time period, I doubled the size of my business! The confidence I have gained through Kayle’s Divine Femme program has translated into greater success and happiness in ways I could not have imagined. I recommend Divine Femme to my friends, many of whom are now doing the course! I like that it was an intensive 10 week course with clear goals, and not never-ending talk therapy. Kayle uses techniques that I could do on my own, and the meditations reinforced what I was learning. If you are committed to the program and put in the effort, the results are transformational.”

35 year-old female entrepreneur

I joined the Divine Femme program to learn how to connect with my authentic inner voice and know what next steps to take in my life.


“I am a 36-year-old woman who has struggled with eating disorders, body dysmorphia, low self-esteem, and intimacy issues for most of my adult life. Given these issues, I was looking for a program that could help me identify the deep-rooted areas negatively affecting all of the above. I walked away from the program with a positive body image, confidence in the bedroom, and a better understanding of who I am as a woman. Kayle’s program and thorough curriculum addressed the uncomfortable parts of my childhood and past that were affecting my sexuality, self-esteem, and relationships. She pointed out pain points that I wasn’t even aware of–and she did so in the most gentle and kind way. She encouraged me to think outside of the box and allow myself to feel pleasure in a way I had never been open to before. I am now the most open-minded version of myself.”

36 year-old female entrepreneur

I recommend this program to anyone who is hoping to restore their self-confidence as individuals, with their sexual partners, and most importantly, those learning to love themselves as they are.”


“I have been in talk therapy for years and I signed up for The Divine Femme to explore a different practice. I feel talk therapy is helpful in many ways but has been missing a key component for me, which is incorporating my body. I’ve long felt a need to forge the same awareness of my body that I feel I have of my mind, and I felt this may help. Specifically, I’ve had feelings of anxiety and uncertainty in relationships and during sex, which I wanted to explore. This has been a huge unlock. Finally - learning to value self pleasure and to incorporate it more into my life, along with practices of mediation, affirmations and reminders of my self worth. All of this has helped me make tough decisions and will continue to guide me I’m sure I’m the days, week, months, to come."

isabel s.

I feel this is a unique program and approach to getting nonjudgmental support for things we all struggle with to varying degrees. I got so much out of it.”


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Join us on a luxurious, all-inclusive retreat to Costa Rica where you will journey into deeper self-discovery and heightened pleasure. Experiential exercises will guide your senses to release resistances that block the way for healing and self-awakening. Your hosts, Kayle Koepke and Claire Lindsay, will activate your senses through mindfulness, energy, sound, movement, and breath to alchemize your pain into pleasure. We welcome any like-minded adult who wants to join this co-ed group of individuals looking to transform their experiences. Don’t miss out on this transformative adventure!

The Sensual Alchemy Retreat, October 28th - November 4th, 2022

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Feel empowered to implement short, easy-to-follow, daily practices that have the power to authentically and powerfully uplevel your life. Allow me to guide you through practices in breath, energy, sound, mindfulness, and movement to deepen your pleasure, confidence, and connection. 

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Elevate your sexual experiences and enhance your life



Feel empowered to change.

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Everyday our nervous system absorbs 100’s of microstressors. When left unchecked, microstressors dampen our mood, drain our energy, and cloud our judgment. Daily stress removal is therefore imperative for optimal mood, energy and intuition. The total self love/self awakening meditation uses the power of breath, sound, movement and mindfulness to release stress, reset your nervous system and regain access to your intuitive power. Click here to receive your free total self love/self awakening meditation today!

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