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The Sacred Union Program

Nourish your relationships with deeper emotional and erotic intimacy.

  • 13 sessions, each lasting 80 minutes
  • Live facilitation along with take-home exercises, ensuring continuous progress
  • Tailored weekly action plans and homework assignments

Through the Sacred Union Program, you will receive the following:

Inside this program, you’ll be trained every step of the way to show up for both yourselves AND each other on a whole new emotional level while discovering erotic practices that’ll allow you to evolve and grow your chemistry to be even more powerful than when you first met.

And with the relational skills I’ll be teaching you, you’ll experience a new level of freedom and safety with your partner as you move away from poor relational habits you learned when you were young and replace them with engaging ways of communicating that allow you and your partner to thrive emotionally.

This 13-week, virtual coaching program for couples is designed to help you deepen connections, enhance communication, heal inner wounds, rediscover play and cultivate emotional and erotic intimacy with your partner.

Not only are you busy, distracted and living in an exhausting and disconnected world, but no one taught us the skills to be able to deepen and cultivate our erotic connection over a lifetime with our lover. The sexual playbook most of us were given involves a few basic tricks and hoping for the best. Or, worse, the messaging that if you love each other enough, it will simply ‘all work its way out.’  But what if you approached your health or career or even parenting this way?

Any endeavor you truly desire to thrive in requires your time, attention and dedication. That's why I created the Sacred Union.  

The Sacred Union will allow you to design incredible date nights, process and communicate together in a way that deeply enhances your emotional connection, and truly understand how to grow together sexually and relationally. Imagine having the skills to give your partner a cosmic, electric, soul-shattering orgasm AND knowing how to sit down for 10 minutes and resolve an emotionally intense issue with such a high level of love and safety that it actually brings you closer. The Sacred Union can literally alter a couple's relational destiny. 

Sex in long-term partnership can be challenging.

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Deepen your emotional and sexual bonds while healing your inner wounds

And it can also heal many of the painful patterns that show up for us in our partnerships. From the Tantric perspective on relationships, we’re designed to heal many of our deeper wounds and illusions through our romantic connections. But because we aren’t taught this, many of us fall into the trap of cycling over and over again in the same disagreement, leaving us unable to heal those wounds or even causing us to drift apart.

When you discover how to recognize and identify the healing that’s asking to be done AND you’ve been given the tools as a couple to address it with love, care and safety… The underlying cycles of emotional turmoil longing to heal can finally resolve allowing for even more love and connection to become available to you. 

Yes, this deeply held container can take you to the sexual and relational stratosphere…

The Sacred Union Experience

We get clear on your challenges, stressors, and where you want to improve. We also identify each individual’s desires and needs within the relationship.

Laying the Groundwork

Session 1: Gaining Clarity 

We develop an understanding of the value and meaning of the “couple bubble” by identifying and meeting each partner’s needs within the relationship.

Session 2: The Couple Bubble 

We explore tools and exercises designed to strengthen your bond and deepen the emotional connection between you and your partner.

Session 3: Connection 

We use tools and exercises designed to deepen understanding, foster empathy, and empower effective and constructive dialogue.

Session 4: Communication 

We identify the inner child and how past experiences and wounds impact current dynamics within the relationship.

Session 5: Meet My Inner Child 

We pinpoint a recurring habit pattern, addiction, or repetitive issue that triggers fighting, defensiveness, or avoidance, and work on releasing it at its root.

Session 6: Healing at the Root 

We address a triggering issue in your relationship dynamic, explore its connection to core wounds, and work on resolving and healing this unmet need.

Session 7: Core Need and Core Wound Exploration 

We create an intention or choose a topic that needs clarity and use breathwork to foster a deep somatic connection between partners while shedding light on the chosen topic or intention.

Session 8: The Couple’s Breathwork Experience

We delve into how unhealed wounds from past relationships are projected onto our partner and work to heal the storehouse of pain received from both men and women in our lives. 

Session 9: Healing Male and Female Relationships 

In Sandboxing, a couple gets to explore and play and get curious while taking all the pressure off it to feel good or go well. Erotic blueprints uncover your unique preferences and guide you to understand your distinct pathway to sexual pleasure and intimacy.

Session 10: Sandbox Lovemaking & Erotic Blueprints

The pussy and penis massages help a couple understand some of the most fundamental principles of holding sexual space for one another and have the potential to create deep healing.

Erotic Intimacy & Sexuality

Session 11: Pussy & Penis Massage 

In this practice, you get the opportunity to experiment with breathing, sounding, focus, movement, and sexual energy to experience greater erotic intimacy.

Session 12: The Holistic Sex Tools

We learn to use breathwork as a tool to accelerate healing, move sexual energy, and deeply activate your sexuality. A couple that explores edges together grows sexually together. We experiment with an edge that you’re curious about as a way to enhance excitement and reduce boredom in the bedroom.

Session 13: Breathwork & Exploring an Edge

Deep Healing

Married couple for 20 years

“This program completely reinvigorated our sexual connection and reaffirmed our love for one another. We went deep into therapy together and gained a better understanding of our own and each other’s issues and deep-set fears and needs.”

“The Sacred Union Program enabled us to re-frame the work as prioritizing us and opening the door to passion and fun.”

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$4900 Total Cost

The Investment

(13) 80 minute sessions

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Discover what this incredible program can offer your relationship

Exquisite next-level erotic experiences…
Deep emotional safety…
And a suite of tools and techniques to keep you engaged and falling in love over a lifetime.

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I used to be terrified of love. I picked fights, engaged in emotional toxicity and was completely unable to show up in full devotion to a partner. I felt destined to either be in a seriously unhealthy, dysfunctional relationship or end up alone...with lots of cats. 

But here’s what all that trauma taught me: I could know the most advanced, high-level sexual and energetic skills on the planet and still be a hot mess in partnership. I knew if I wanted to experience true, emotional safety and epic devotion in this lifetime, I would have to devote myself not just to the erotic arts, but to the deepest healing of trauma and wounding available. I taught myself - and then so many others - not just the fancy erotic practices (which are SO damn fun and sexy) but the often challenging, less glamorous work of healing intimacy wounds and becoming emotionally safe.

We want to have the most exquisite sexual ecstasies with our partner traveling together on magic carpet rides of eros through the Universe of lovemaking. We also want to feel safe, held, understood and deeply expressed together.

I’m not a perfect partner or a fully healed human being, but I have learned to thrive in partnership, create healthy, high functioning and emotionally safe dynamics AND engage in the erotic thrills and incredibly powerful growth of Tantra. This is why I teach what I teach and it's what I want for you.

My unique approach combines ancient mystical teachings with the most up-to-date, evidence based healing technology, allowing you to sky-rocket your growth, advance your healing and experience the sex and relationship that your soul truly desires.

I specialize in helping couples create a safe container where epic love and erotic intimacy flourish.

I'm Kayle

Session Costs:

Step 1: Create an intention and container
Step 2: Identify limiting beliefs and alternative perspectives
Step 3: Access unconscious resistance through somatic experiencing
Step 4: Liberate energetic blocks using the body’s innate wisdom
Step 5: Activate intuition for profound growth and lasting change

The 5 non-linear steps we’ll work through:

These sessions are intended to work through any issue you may be facing, using a 5-step process for deep healing and lasting change.

Elevate your program experience with optional psychotherapy sessions

Cigna, Aetna and United are accepted.

Allow me to guide you through short and simple daily exercises in breath, energy, sound, mindfulness, and movement to enhance your pleasure, confidence, and connection.

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