The foundational 5 practices of my esteemed Divine Femme program are included in your free “Sacred Sexuality Starter Kit” in the areas of breath, energy, sound, mindfulness, and movement. Invest 15 minutes into these practices daily to unlock deeper relational connectivity, inner confidence, and divine pleasure.

Heighten your sexual experience by learning the steps to creating a deeper connection with your body, energy, pleasure and desires

Step into enhanced pleasure, become empowered, and uplevel your life







Preview the 5 tantric practices

get my free sacred sexuality starter kit

Learn breathing techniques to awaken a deeper capacity for healing and integrate blocks to sexuality.

BREATH: Silence your mind and enter a transformational state

Develop a deeper connectivity to yourself and your lover to enhance sensual desire and pleasure.

ENERGY: Become more sensitive to your body

Learn to let go of your conditioned movements and release a more profound sexual state. 

MOVEMENT: Allow the full expression of your sexual desires

Take hold of your inner voice and create a pathway for greater purification and expression of emotions.  

SOUND: Express yourself in new ways by discovering your inner voice

Learn how to exchange overthinking with mindfulness practices to open yourself up to greater sensation and pleasure.

Mindfulness: Connect to your sensations to activate your pleasure capacity


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The “Divine Femme Package” includes 10 customized sessions to transform past blocks and resistances into future empowerment and confidence. Invest in your future growth and take hold of a more pleasurable life.

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