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The Sensual Goddess Program

Reclaim your divine pleasure, play, and power

  • 10 weeks, 80 minute sessions, 1:1 virtual coaching
  • Customized weekly action steps to meet your goals around sex, love, and relationships
  • Meditations that correspond to each module
  • Mid-week check-ins

Through the sensual goddess Program, you receive the following: 

When you connect to your sacred sexual core through implementing the 5 holistic sex tools of breath, sound, movement, energy, and mindfulness, you unlock a powerful energy - your sensual energy. Sensual energy has the power to clear away resistance, pain, and conditioning that hinder you from fully embodying your authentic self, expanding your consciousness, and deepening your pleasure. By learning to harness your sensual energy and move it through your body, you connect to a powerful life-force energy that allows you to break through barriers you never thought possible. 

The Sensual Goddess is a 10-week, 1:1 virtual coaching program designed to restore and empower your sacred sexual core, awaken the passionate lover within, access your intuitive wisdom, and manifest your most intimate desires.

This empowering journey celebrates your sacred sexual core as the foundation for embracing your authentic self and empowering you to manifest a life aligned with your inner wisdom and desires.

As women, we’re all living with some degree of sexual repression as a result of centuries worth of negative conditioning. We're taught that we're unsafe in our sexuality; we either need to repress our sexuality to be "good girls" or go over the top to be like porn stars.

Through the exploration of sacred sexuality and embracing total self-love, you'll unlock your greatest sexual potential, transforming into a confident, sensual, magnetic, wise, and powerful goddess.

Fully-expressed sexuality is the key to feeling ALIVE and returning to your authentic self is WHY YOU’RE HERE.

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Unlock your full sexual capacity in a safe and nurturing space designed for release, healing and authentic connection

  • Experiencing ecstasy and pleasure beyond what you thought possible
  • Understanding and loving your body as a temple of wisdom and magic
  • Using your sexuality as a force for transformation and higher consciousness
  • Radically liberating your most authentic self by healing wounds and clearing conditioning
  •  Having the most intimate and sensational sexual experiences

The Sensual Goddess program offers a systematic, Tantric approach that will take you from whatever your starting point is, to...

You're here to experience the most profound sexual awakening...to feel ecstasy and pleasure coursing through every cell of your body...and to make the most out of your sacred time on planet Earth. I hear it again and again: you want lasting transformation that allows you to experience the depth of intimacy with yourself and your partners you've always desired. What you truly need is a powerful, effective system that will empower and transform you into the confident goddess you were born to be.

You're not here to please others. You're here to play.

The Sensual Goddess Experience

I lead you through structured modules and weekly self-practices designed to radically empower your sexuality, deepen body confidence and awaken your most liberated, fullest expression. As you work through the modules, you will obtain applicable exercises to practice at home in the areas of meditations, breathwork, self-pleasure, imagery, and journaling. (new paragraph) I am available via email to check-in with you in-between sessions to assess how your self-practice exercises are progressing and to answer any questions that may have arisen. This course is best completed in 10 consecutive, weekly sessions.

I am here to guide you every step of the way.

Female founder and CEO, global non-profit

“I wanted to feel more confident in knowing what was best for me in relationships, and for this confidence to also result in more business success. I remember the moment when I was first able to discern my inner voice–it was so clear! I gained amazing insights into the relationship pattern I was stuck in, and had the tools and support I needed to change it. In the same time period, I doubled the size of my business! The confidence I have gained through Kayle’s Sensual Goddess program has translated into greater success and happiness in ways I could not have imagined. I recommend Sensual Goddess to my friends, many of whom are now doing the course! I like that it was an intensive 10 week course with clear goals, and not never-ending talk therapy. Kayle uses techniques that I could do on my own, and the meditations reinforced what I was learning. If you are committed to the program and put in the effort, the results are transformational.”

"I joined The Sensual Goddess program to learn how to connect with my authentic inner voice and know what next steps to take in my life."

Understand projections, while developing skills in conscious arguing, interpersonal healing, and speaking your truth.

Module 10: Creating vibrant and healthy relationships

Learn how to generate control over your thoughts, feelings and behaviors for ultimate thriving.

Module 9: Journey into the self

Create a customized self-pleasure practice for heightened self-love and pleasure with your partner.

Module 8: The power of intentional self-pleasure

Break emotional addictions and begin confronting pain in a more holistic and tolerable manner.

Module 7: Finding emotional empowerment

Learn to manifest your desires through breathwork and internalize your inherent worth.

Module 6: Getting what you desire

Develop sexual safety and learn to utilize high vibration states

Module 5: Creating a thriving sexual ecology

Heal the inner child and develop a lasting sense of belonging and safety.

Module 4: Embracing the inner child

Heal the father line and empower the inner masculine.

Module 3: Liberating the family dynamic part 2

Heal the mother line and empower the inner feminine.

Module 2: Liberating the family dynamic Part 1

Learn to manifest your deepest desires and identify unconscious resistances.

module 1: Identifying your deepest desires and internal blocks

36-year-old female entrepreneur

Kayle’s program and thorough curriculum addressed the uncomfortable parts of my childhood and past that were affecting my sexuality, self-esteem, and relationships. She pointed out pain points that I wasn’t even aware of–and she did so in the most gentle and kind way. She encouraged me to think outside of the box and allow myself to feel pleasure in a way I had never been open to before. I am now the most open-minded version of myself.”

"She encouraged me to think outside of the box and allow myself to feel pleasure in a way I had never been open to before. I am now the most open-minded version of myself."

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I developed The Sensual Goddess after years of feeling like something was wrong with me.  

I used to carry a lot of trauma and shame around my sexuality. I grew up in a conservative and religious environment where sexual exploration and expression were shamefully discouraged. The unconscious shame I carried from my childhood caused me to develop a very externalized approach to sex. I didn’t care about my own pleasure. My focus was about making sure my partner got what they wanted. When they focused on my pleasure my mind would disconnect from my body to the point of feeling nothing at all. 

Eventually, I realized that I couldn’t keep hoping for something to change on its own. And I couldn’t rely on my partners to know what I needed when I didn’t even know myself. So I made the conscious choice to become an agent in my own healing. And it led me on an incredible journey that helped me discover what I call my erotic sovereignty as a woman. Your erotic sovereignty is the full power you have over your pleasure and fulfillment.

Once I started taking ownership of my sensual power, my body began to experience pleasure beyond what I ever dreamt possible. For you, it might be different. It could take the shape of you changing careers, leaving relationships, starting new relationships…Or even just staying in connection with yourself throughout the hardest times of your life.

One thing is for certain: When you learn to harness the power of your sensual energy you dissolve any trauma or shame around your desires and reconnect with your life-force energy in a deeply beautiful and intimate way. In essence, YOU become the author of your story.

My mission is to help all women reclaim their divine pleasure, play and power through learning how to activate and harness their very own sensual energy.

I'm Kayle

isabel s.

“I have been in talk therapy for years and I signed up for The Sensual Goddess to explore a different practice. I feel talk therapy is helpful in many ways but has been missing a key component for me, which is incorporating my body. I’ve long felt a need to forge the same awareness of my body that I feel I have of my mind, and I felt this may help. Specifically, I’ve had feelings of anxiety and uncertainty in relationships and during sex, which I wanted to explore. This has been a huge unlock. Finally - learning to value self pleasure and to incorporate it more into my life, along with practices of mediation, affirmations and reminders of my self worth. All of this has helped me make tough decisions and will continue to guide me I’m sure I’m the days, week, months, to come."

"I feel this is a unique program and approach to getting nonjudgmental support for things we all struggle with to varying degrees. I got so much out of it."

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Get ready to claim your wildest desires, unleash your most divine sexual expression and confidently say YES to becoming fully alive!  

Session Costs:

Step 1: Create an intention and container
Step 2: Identify limiting beliefs and alternative perspectives
Step 3: Access unconscious resistance through somatic experiencing
Step 4: Liberate energetic blocks using the body’s innate wisdom
Step 5: Activate intuition for profound growth and lasting change

The 5 non-linear steps we’ll work through:

These sessions are intended to work through any issue you may be facing, using a 5-step process for deep healing and lasting change.

Elevate your program experience with optional psychotherapy sessions

Cigna, Aetna and United are accepted.

Allow me to guide you through short and simple daily exercises in breath, energy, sound, mindfulness, and movement to enhance your pleasure, confidence, and connection.

Ready to unlock abundant pleasure?

Elevate your sexual experiences and enhance your life

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