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Psychotherapy Services

I believe you deserve to feel empowered, confident, and unapologetically YOU.

My Approach

I recognize that choosing a therapist is a deeply personal decision, and I believe that my approach sets me apart. My commitment is not just to guide you through challenges but to champion your transformation. I bring a blend of expertise that encompasses cutting-edge psychological insights, intuition honed through years of practice, and a profound belief in your capacity for growth. My goal is to create a safe, nurturing space where your voice is heard, your experiences are validated, and your journey towards healing and self-discovery is honored. I'm not here to simply offer guidance; I'm here to walk alongside you as a dedicated ally, offering unwavering support as you navigate life's complexities and embrace your fullest potential.

Couples Counseling

Intimacy/Sexual Issues
Healing Relationship Wounds
Polyamory/Ethical Non-Monogamy

Individual Counseling

Anxiety/Stress/Burn Out
Confidence/Worthiness Complex
Family of Origin Issues
Magnetizing a Life Partner
Relationship Issues
Increasing Sexual Satisfaction
Navigating a Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Accessing Intuition
Increasing Overall Joy and Satisfaction

I am passionate about helping individuals, like myself, who come from religious backgrounds and confront the enduring burden of deep-seated sexual shame. Even as one strives to distance oneself from a religious past, these deep-seated beliefs can persist and cast a shadow over one's journey toward sexual liberation. The lingering effects of this shame pose a considerable challenge, impacting the ability to fully embrace and enjoy one's sexuality. Navigating this complex terrain often requires a nuanced and supportive approach to address the residual effects of past religious teachings on personal attitudes toward sex.

Liberating Sexual Shame

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I specialize in supporting couples, particularly in New York, navigating the challenges of polyamory or ethical non-monogamy. Many individuals are drawn to this lifestyle, but it comes with complexities that require a deepening and strengthening of relationships with partners. I assist in establishing structures and building a secure foundation, fostering the necessary communication and connection for a successful polyamorous experience. Having personally experienced numerous ENM relationship structures, I bring both professional expertise and a deep understanding of the intricacies involved, helping couples overcome hurt feelings and navigate the process of redefining relationship agreements.

Ethical Non-Monogamy/Polyamory

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As a breast cancer survivor, I understand the unique challenges individuals face during their cancer journey. I offer support by addressing questions, sharing personal experiences, and guiding individuals through the uncertainties that arise after a cancer diagnosis. Drawing from my own extensive research and holistic approaches, I provide valuable insights beyond conventional medical advice, covering nutrition, and holistic modalities like EFT, breathwork, meditation, and yoga. My goal is to offer a supportive and knowledgeable hand to those navigating the often lonely and intimidating path of cancer recovery.

Breast Cancer Therapy

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I became particularly intrigued by plant medicine due to extensive research on its ability to access the unconscious mind, which is often challenging even in traditional therapy due to defenses and traumas. Plant ceremonies dissolve these barriers, allowing a direct confrontation with unprocessed emotions. This process not only purges stuck emotions but also unveils inner wisdom obscured by emotional blockages. I advocate for plant medicine as a powerful tool in addressing trauma, breaking habits, and changing entrenched thought patterns. It proves beneficial to those who struggle to make progress despite various therapeutic approaches. Plant medicine offers a transformative potential that traditional methods may not reach, creating an opportunity for profound healing and change. While I don't facilitate the use of plant medicines, I guide you in setting intentions beforehand, offer support for integration after the ceremony, and provide advice on the types and locations of plant medicines to consider.

Plant Ceremony Integration

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Tarot Therapy integrates the profound insights gained from tarot cards into traditional therapy sessions. Originating from personal experiences during plant ceremonies, where a drawn card deeply resonated, my initial skepticism transformed into an acknowledgment of the remarkable insight that using tarot can provide. Now, as a certified tarot reader, I offer tarot as a valuable tool within therapy, facilitating meaningful exchanges and providing individuals with an additional avenue for gaining valuable insights. You have the option to incorporate tarot therapy into any session.

Tarot Therapy

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Step 1: Creating an Intention and Establishing a Safe Container.

The first thing we do together is create a safe container for the nervous system to relax and explore the internal processes at play. We then create an intention for our time together and use sensory visualization techniques to both manifest this desire and reveal unconscious blocks to having this desire.

Effective therapy should address the whole person - mind, body, and spirit - in order to access intuitive wisdom for profound self-discovery, growth and lasting change. 

The Process

Step 2: Recognizing Limiting Beliefs and Exploring Alternative Perspectives.

This stage involves a closer examination of the limiting beliefs linked to the unconscious barriers revealed in the first step. Through experiential exercises, we identify more effective perspectives to support you in achieving your desires.

Step 3: Uncovering Unconscious Resistance via Somatic Experiencing.

Utilizing somatic practices such as breathwork, imagery, and body-mind mapping, we transition away from analytical thinking to access the unconscious mind. This is where our innate wisdom and deeply rooted fears coexist. We approach whatever we encounter with love and acceptance, expressing the truth to that inaccessible part of the brain that needs to hear it the most.

Step 4: Releasing Energetic Blocks Using the Body’s Innate Wisdom.

Having gained access to the unconscious mind, we use tools like tapping, sound, mindfulness, breath, and movement to release repressed pain and gain access to innate intuition.Similar to when you are unwell, your body's inherent wisdom knows how to naturally release and eliminate what obstructs your connection to self when you surrender to the process.

Here are 5 steps I help my clients through to ensure their transformation is everlasting.

Step 5: Activating Intuition for Profound Growth and Sustainable Change.

In this phase, learn to use breath and mindfulness to cycle the liberated energy through your entire body, activating intuitive energy and alchemizing the entire nervous system for deeper connection, heightened consciousness, and lasting change.

Over two decades ago, upon arriving in New York City, I evolved from a counselor for at-risk youth into a compassionate listener for overwhelmed women and couples in search of solace. Through this journey, I discovered that providing unconditional support alone couldn't fully ease the struggles my clients were facing. Motivated by my passion to help them live a life they genuinely loved, I embarked on a journey of mastering my craft through extensive training and research.

In 2015, I founded Restore Renew Therapy, a counseling center with a clear vision—to offer top-notch therapy services at an affordable price. Over the years, our counseling center has evolved into a thriving community, housing a team of exceptionally talented therapists dedicated to providing support and guidance. We extend our services to a diverse clientele, including individuals, couples, and groups seeking help across a spectrum of areas. Our commitment to quality therapy remains unwavering, and we take pride in the positive impact we've made on the lives of those we serve.

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Hey there, I’m Kayle Koepke, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified VITA Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, and Certified Usui Reiki.

Meet Your Psychotherapist

License & Certifications

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Certified VITA Sex, Love & Relationship Coach
Certified Usui Reiki


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP)
Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
Somatic Therapy
Internal Family Systems (IFS)
Tantra Practitioner


M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL
B.A. in Psychology from Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
B.A. in Afro-American Studies from Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
B.A. in Religious Studies from Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL

B.A. in Psychology from Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

B.A. in Afro-American Studies from Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

B.A. in Religious Studies from Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

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