You deserve to feel empowered, confident, and divinely sensual.

I studied under Layla Martin at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality to earn a certification as a Sex, Love and Relationships coach. I am also certified in Usui Reiki and have been a Licensed Mental Health Counselor to 1000's of talented, yet discontented New Yorkers for over 20 years. The knowledge and experience gained has given me the insight and passion to create a program that truly gets to the heart of what women uniquely need to awaken their most confident pleasure-filled self.

My interventions are a mix of cutting edge neuroscience, current trends and ancient Tantric traditions. Years of experience and innate intuition have influenced my ability to accurately assess and predict, on a moment to moment basis, what you need to overcome resistances to unleash your deepest, wildest, most exquisite desires. I truly believe that sexuality should be a spiritual awakening; I am passionate about teaching you how to heal from trauma, peel back the layers of patriarchal conditioning, and ultimately, awaken a new and more authentic sexuality that greatly enhances your lifestyle and overall pleasure.

Hello, my name is Kayle Koepke, LMHC, Founder and Owner of the Sensual Alchemist, and Creator of The Divine Femme Program

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Are you ready to step into your divine feminine and unleash your sensual energy?

In my 20+ years of experience working as a therapist, I have become disenchanted with talk therapy, which relies almost exclusively on the analytical mind to create change that only the body mind is able to achieve. The body is home to our sensory experiences which dictate our thoughts, feelings and actions. Therefore, to create change, interventions need to utilize the body's innate healing resources and wisdom. I developed these experiential sessions to make the expression of suppressed pain a more tolerable and transformative experience, something I was never able to do with talk therapy alone. I am passionate about guiding you towards reclaiming your divine sensuality and unlocking greater empowerment. Don’t get stuck with the status quo; open your life up to new adventures and possibilities, and claim what you deserve.

Teaching you how to unlock your sensual energy and break free from the status quo allows you to live a life filled with unbridled pleasure and potential.

Through my Divine Femme Program, I integrate unconscious energetic blocks by unleashing the power of sensual energy. Through incorporating the 5 tantric practices of breath, sound, movement, energy, and mindfulness in my experiential sessions, I move stagnant emotions and turn on sensual power by harnessing your body’s innate wisdom and desire to heal. 

With my 20+ years of experience as a talk therapist, I have found that when you pair a desired cognitive belief with a pleasurable sensational experience, you create a highly effective strategy for change. In learning to activate pleasure when needed you are able to courageously face adversity of all kinds and show up differently in the world. This knowledge has inspired me to develop a customized Divine Femme Program that implements experiential practices to bolster confidence and foster unimaginable pleasure.

I am not your typical talk-therapist

Discover the unique benefits of experiential practice

Yvonne H.

“After completing the program, I learned to embrace my sexuality and experienced a sense of empowerment in other aspects of my life. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to unblock the things that get in the way of experiencing all the pleasure and potential in your life!”

I signed up for the Divine Femme hoping to change some of the shameful messages I was given about sex that were impacting my sex drive.

What my clients are saying

sara w.

“I am growing more confident. Learning more about myself and it feels great! The clarity also makes me feel empowered and strong!”

“I really enjoyed changing my mind and realizing the unconscious beliefs I held that kept me stuck, closed, inauthentic and disconnected.”

What my clients are saying

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