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The Empowered Enchantress Program

Step into your power and magnetize the type of legendary love you deserve.

You're tired of wasting time on partners who aren’t a good fit...

and you're afraid you’ll never find the type of partner you truly desire.

Or perhaps your insecurities get in the way of enjoying the dating process...

and it's hard for you to be emotionally and/or sexually vulnerable with your partner...

Or maybe you're newly single and ready for your next relationship to be an upgrade from the last...

if this is you, Then The Empowered Enchantress Program may be a perfect fit.

Let me guess...

  • 14 weeks, 80-minute sessions, 1:1 virtual coaching
  • Customized weekly action steps to meet your goals related to magnetizing love
  • Meditations, activities, and/or homework that correspond to each module
  • Mid-week check-ins

Through the Empowered Enchantress Program, you receive the following: 

Let's face it, navigating the dating scene in today’s world is more challenging than ever. Constantly shifting societal expectations, past dating scars, insecurities, ticking biological clocks, and endless app scrolling only to meet someone who looks nothing like their picture... are just a few of the issues women face when looking for a partner.

This program will empower you to feel more self-love, more confidence, more clarity on the type of partnership you want to magnetize, and more worthy and deserving of the love you desire.

This 14-week, 1:1 virtual coaching program is designed to heighten self-love and pleasure, unleash your inner goddess, and magnetize a partner who matches the love you have for yourself.

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Are you ready to embody your worth and manifest the partnership of your dreams?

Magnetize soulmate love into your life.

  • Increase self-love & pleasure identity and transform resistance
  • Heal dating wounds
  • Update conditioning
  • Date from confidence and power
  • Manifest the love you want
  • Gain clarity on the type of partnership you deserve
  • Stay receptive and positive while dating
  • Enjoy the journey no matter the outcome
  • Develop a personal dating code
  • Learn specific dating techniques
  • Become magnetically irresistible!

step 1:

We attract the energy that we embody. Therefore, we must begin our work together by focusing on dating from a place of self-love and pleasure, using customized pleasure and sensuality practices to set you up to date from your power, not your insecurities.

These specialized practices are intended to update your whole operating system, clearing the way for the type of high-level love that you desire and deserve.

The Empowered Enchantress Experience

we will collaborate with you to...

step 2:

Even if you think you know what you want and how to get it, you may be unconsciously behaving in ways that are counter to what you say you want. In this next step, we will transform wounding patterns, belief systems, and conditioning that cause you to habitually attract the wrong person and prevent you from finding love in the present moment.

step 3:

You can’t create something if you don’t know what it is you want. This step is all about getting clarity on what you want from the partnership you desire and using sex magic and manifestation to pave the way for the partnership you crave.

step 4:

It has been said that the devil is in the details. We would be remiss if we did not address the fine details of dating such as: how to text and deal with apps; how to flirt, seduce, and play; how to spot red flags; and how to stay grounded within yourself throughout the entire dating process.

Explore and challenge the narratives hindering your journey to love.

Module 1: Dating from Self-Love & Pleasure 

Session 1: Dating from Self-Love & Pleasure (Part 1)

Increase your magnetic radiance by learning how to date from empowerment, self-care, and a deep connection to your sensuality and intuition.

Session 2: Dating from Self Love & Pleasure (Part 2)

Recognize and overcome resistances holding you back, crafting an empowering truth aligned with your desires.

Session 3: Dating from Self Love & Pleasure (Part 3) 

Explore how available you are to see, connect, and commit to potential partners. 

Module 2: Clearing the Way for Soulmate Love 

Session 4: Seeing, Connecting, and Committing Part 1 

Identify and undo the fear that is keeping you from being seen, connected, and committed to by potential partners. 

Session 5: Being Seen, Connecting, and Committing Part 2 

Examine, communicate to, and heal any inner child and/or heart issues that block you from embracing soulmate love.

Session 6: Supporting your Inner Child/Heart for Openness to Soulmate Love 

Identify, integrate, and heal any patterns, blockages, or issues that continually arise in your relationships and/or dating process.

Session 7: Integrating Blockages in the Dating Process

Employ breathwork as a tool to uncover and break free from repetitive poor or unhelpful choices that hinder you from achieving what you desire in a relationship.

Session 8: Ending Unhealthy Dating Patterns

Create a list of core requirements needed from your potential partner, distinguishing deal-breakers from cherry-on-top requirements.

Module 3: Creating Magnetic Love 

Session 9: Creating Soulmate Love

Embrace becoming your own best lover, compile a list of everything you desire outside of your relationship, and learn techniques to maintain a high-vibration state throughout the dating process.

Session 10: Living from Desire and Dating Yourself

Recognize and engage with your 'power aspect' and address the aspects that may pose challenges or create struggles in dating. Shift to dating from your inner queen, not your inner child.

Module 4: Sexual and Material Power 

Session 11: Dating as a Queen

Learn how to stay centered and attuned to your heart and soul when faced with challenges in dating. 

Session 12: Heart-Centered and Soul-Centered Dating

Craft a comprehensive approach to dating by making a dating plan, establishing your personal dating code, and undergoing training for the one.

Session 13: The Details of Dating: Part 1 

Master the art of flirting, seduction & play, and effectively managing texting, apps, and social media.

Session 14: The Details of Dating: Part 2 

32-year-old marketing consultant

“I recommend the Empowered Enchantress to anyone who is hoping to restore their self-confidence as a single individual, attract a soulmate, and most importantly, learn to love themselves as they are.”

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$4662 Total Cost

The Investment

(14) 80 minute sessions at $333 per session

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Reentry into the world of dating at this stage of life has its own set of challenges: fears that no high-quality men are left; doubts about my ability to have a healthy relationship after the last one “failed;” ignorance about the rules of engagement after being off the market for so long... With those doubts in my heart, I set out on a dating adventure that led me down a twisty road of heartbreak, transcendence, and everything in between, and yet I couldn't find the level of deep intimacy and connection I desired…

So I quit dating.

And dated myself instead. My date nights were filled with self-love, pleasure & manifesting my ideal match mixed with somatic practices designed to release past wounding & conditioning. In the end, I re-emerged feeling more confident, receptive, clear, and capable of having the type of deeply connected, soulmate love we all deserve.

If this stirs something within you, schedule a consultation below to see if the Empowered Enchantress Program is a good fit for you.

I’m here to support you every step of the way to finding the love that you desire and deserve!

I specialize in helping women embrace their innate radiance and attract soulmate love.

I'm Kayle

Session Costs:

Step 1: Create an intention and container
Step 2: Identify limiting beliefs and alternative perspectives
Step 3: Access unconscious resistance through somatic experiencing
Step 4: Liberate energetic blocks using the body’s innate wisdom
Step 5: Activate intuition for profound growth and lasting change

The 5 non-linear steps we’ll work through:

These sessions are intended to work through any issue you may be facing, using a 5-step process for deep healing and lasting change.

Elevate your program experience with optional psychotherapy sessions

Cigna, Aetna and United are accepted.

Allow me to guide you through short and simple daily exercises in breath, energy, sound, mindfulness, and movement to enhance your pleasure, confidence, and connection.

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