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My Journey Towards Sexual Liberation

August 11, 2022

I can vividly remember sitting at my dad’s kitchen table the day we had “the talk”.

“Boys will try to pressure you to have sex, but don’t do it. No one wants to marry a girl who fools around”.

That was the extent of my birds and bees talk. The idea that my sexuality was mine and that I could do whatever I wanted with it was completely foreign to him. To my father my sexuality was something to be controlled in accordance with what society deemed respectable behavior for an unmarried woman.

As a teenager, I learned the hard way that my father’s warning was sadly accurate when I was slut shamed by my peers for “fooling around”. Embarrassed and ashamed I turned to religion for help.

Religion helped me to successfully suppress my sexual urges as I waited for the day I would marry. Mind-blowing, guilt-free sex would be my reward for keeping myself pure all those years.

Unfortunately, after years of successful suppression I didn’t know how to turn it back on once it was safe to do so. Instead of pleasure, I felt numb. For years I thought there was something wrong with my anatomy. That things just didn’t work “down there”.

It wasn’t until my early 40’s that I stumbled upon a podcast describing the connection between sexual pleasure and one’s ability to thrive in all areas of their life. My interest was piqued. Perhaps that was why, despite all my efforts to the contrary, I was continually plagued with self-doubt, anxiety and discontentment.

Desperate for change, I began the year-long journey to becoming a certified sex, love and relationship coach at the Tantric Institute for Integrated Sexuality.


By learning how to tap into my sexual energy I experienced higher levels of health, intimacy, creativity, productivity, freedom, abundance, happiness and enjoyment in my life. And best of all SEXUAL PLEASURE!

And now I want to share it with YOU!

That’s why I’ve created The Sensual Goddess, a highly personalized 10-week coaching package that is designed to heal your sacred sexual self so that you feel grounded, centered, and own your power as a passionate, confident goddess.

I believe that we are whole and brilliant in our soulful core. 

And I am here to guide you back to your fullest, most brilliant self on a path of love and celebration and outrageously amazing pleasure. 

You deserve this. We all do. 

It’s time to own the goddess you are!

Allow me to guide you through short and simple daily exercises in breath, energy, sound, mindfulness, and movement to enhance your pleasure, confidence, and connection.

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