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Awaken your Sexuality through these 5 Holitistic Tools

March 10, 2023

One of the great myths in our society is that sex naturally happens.  Sex does not naturally happen.  We start receiving messages about sex, about pleasure and about our bodies as early as infancy.  From a very young age we are conditioned on what sex is and what is ok to feel in our bodies.  

Beyond the conditioning we’ve received, which often puts a nervous system limit and heavy cortical control over what we allow ourselves to feel, we also tend to live our lives in a way that ends up being very anti-sex in the nervous system.  

Oftentimes people think “I’m just not that type of person” and never realize how programmed we are, how controlled we are sexually. 

The more cortical you are (i.e. the more judging, criticizing, thinking we do all day, everyday) the less you’re in “the feels” where all the sensation happens. Additionally, we’ve been taught that the body is something to control.  We control the way we move and sound and are very self-conscious and perfectionist about our body. This shuts down the body’s fullest capacity for pleasure. 

What’s actually amazing is that our bodies and minds know how to heal.  Part of reclaiming this innate wisdom is allowing ourselves to be able to express in ways that are less controlled.  When you put yourself in a less controlled state, deeper parts of you start to show up and this is where our greatest pleasure resides.

For that reason, I created a free Sacred Sexuality Starter Kit so that you can begin to radically transform your sexual experiences and feel mind-blowing levels of pleasure and connection.  

These 5 holistic tools are the foundation of my Divine Femme Coaching Package – a Tantric approach to sex, love, and relationships – and will completely transform your sexual experience by….

  • Healing past wounds and integrating trauma
  • Stripping away sexual conditioning 
  • Releasing your judgmental, controlling mind
  • Awakening your authentic sacred sexuality and 
  • Experiencing pleasure and connection on a whole new level

So, If you’re craving more intimate, wild, and deeply meaningful sexual experiences, then click on the link below and type “I want my free starter kit” to receive my free Sacred Sexuality Starter Kit where you will receive one introductory practice for each of the 5 tools:  

  • Mindfulness
  • Breathwork 
  • Sounding
  • Movement 
  • Energy  

If you’re looking to explore your Sacred Sexuality on an even deeper level, you can check out my Divine Femme Coaching Package, a 10-session customized coaching experience that unlocks conscious and unconscious blockages standing in your way to attaining your most important life goals. This package will truly ignite and up-level all areas of your life!

Allow me to guide you through short and simple daily exercises in breath, energy, sound, mindfulness, and movement to enhance your pleasure, confidence, and connection.

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