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How to Deeply Heal: The Path to Freedom

March 4, 2024

What if the very thing you are struggling with in your life right now is the doorway to what you desire most?

We all hurt; it’s an inevitable and a normal part of life. We get frustrated at times and may find ourselves wanting things to be different. Perhaps we want to be further along in our careers, have deeper connections in our relationships or maybe we long for an intimate partnership. 

Whatever it is, it’s completely ok. 

In these moments of pain and frustration, we are given the opportunity to choose how we are with ourselves while we go through it and how we relate to what’s coming up. This choice is what makes all the difference.

In my work as a psychotherapist + coach, I’ve witnessed the most profound transformation take place when my clients chose to be with themselves + embrace all of their humanity. In the willingness to fully allow themselves to meet whatever is present, they free themselves and experience the wholeness that has always been here.

The secret is in not mentally labeling what you feel, but rather actually directly experiencing it.

When we label our pain as “bad”, or something we should “get over” we rob ourselves of discovering what it actually is and finding the gift that hurt carries within it. 

When we choose to explore our feelings from a place of curiosity and compassion, we create deeper intimacy + the space for a greater love to be revealed.

Often when we feel challenged in our lives, the more vulnerable, sensitive places within us are exposed. We may try to figure out the hurt or discomfort by rationalizing it away, or controlling our environments so we don’t feel “bad”.

However, these exposed, sensitive parts within us are simply looking to be seen, heard and embraced, so they can naturally move along on their own.

Acceptance is the key.

By making the choice to consistently be with ourselves during our toughest times, we automatically open ourselves more fully to the love + support of others. As a result, we can start to experience a deepening in our personal relationships and begin to witness greater opportunities unfolding in our lives.

On the other hand, if we choose not to accept all the unique flavors of our humanity, we’ll consciously or unconsciously reject when someone offers us unconditional love + acceptance. We’ll either not believe them, since we don’t see that inside ourselves, or we’ll reject it because it feels inauthentic. 

Children are beautiful teachers for us because they remind us how to let things go in a very simple way. They cry their tears + then quickly go back to play. They show us that this doesn’t have to take a long time.

They didn’t need logic or our adult reasoning, they just needed someone to stop and be with them. It’s we adults that complicate things by buying into our ideas + judgments about fear, anger + pain, rather than simply allowing it.

True love – the best qualities of a parent’s love is unconditional and has no agenda. It doesn’t need you to be any other way than you are now. 

Something in you knows this kind of love.

Everything is simply looking to be loved.

I invite you to discover the gift life is trying to show you by embracing all of yourself. Right now, as you’re reading this, to offer yourself FULL PERMISSION + full acceptance for everything to be just as it is.

Discover what it’s like when you feel hurt, to provide it with infinite space to be fully expressed – through writing, art, dance or tears – whatever it needs.

Then, like an unconditionally loving parent, be with it. Truly open your arms to it and see its preciousness – even while it’s confused and hurt. This is what it’s really seeking. 

You are the liberating presence that sets yourself free. There is no need to identify with the pain that comes up.  Just let it be as it wants to be and lovingly welcome its expression and soon you will witness it unraveling back into peace.

No need to walk this road of compassionate self discovery on your own. I am here to help you on your journey. Schedule a Free 30 min Consultation today.

Sending you so many blessings as you love yourself whole,


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