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The month of February, often associated with love and affection, can provoke polarizing reactions. Some eagerly anticipate celebrating their love with a partner, while others may feel a sense of dread if they don’t have someone to share the holiday with.  Regardless of where you stand, reclaim the holiday and allow it to serve as […]

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A friend once asked me why I always choose the same type of guy even though it clearly wasn’t working for me. Although I knew she was right I couldn’t understand why I kept making the same choice. If you’re anything like me you ask yourself this question on a weekly basis. At times this […]

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On April 13, 2023 I received a call that would forever change my life. I had breast cancer. With each passing week I came to gradually understand that my cancer was more severe and required more invasive treatment than I ever dreamt I would need. The heartache I have endured over the last several months […]

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What if the very thing you are struggling with in your life right now is the doorway to what you desire most? We all hurt; it’s an inevitable and a normal part of life. We get frustrated at times and may find ourselves wanting things to be different. Perhaps we want to be further along […]

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You know that one thing your partner does…

That you would LOVE if they did a tiny bit differently…?

Or that fantasy you’ve had for years that you’d really love to act out with your current lover?

Well, how exactly do you ask for these things without making them feel like they’ve been missing the mark the entire time??

Trust me, it’s a science, an exact one…

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I consider myself to be relatively self confident…except when it comes to love. The minute I develop more than friend vibes for someone, I feel myself reverting to that insecure little girl in need of constant reassurance that I will not be hurt.

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Allow me to guide you through short and simple daily exercises in breath, energy, sound, mindfulness, and movement to enhance your pleasure, confidence, and connection.

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